Jun 20

Trying to feed the Red Pill to Married Men is Tough

Most of my married friends let their wives drive their family bus. They do the regular dad stuff and love and play with their kids. no issues there. But with their wife it’s like they turn back the clock 30 years and are asking their mother permission to wipe their ass. It’s sad to watch. They make jokes about how they don’t get any sex, or how their wife’s vag has cobwebs, or the last time they had sex they ended up with a kid (a kid now 3 years old). Those are some real knee slappers fellas. I will occasionally hear about it when they actually do have sex with their wife, like it’s a big deal. I mean, we all like getting laid, and all sort of celebrate in our head like that SNL Bit “I just had sex..” but you can tell when men are undersexed. They scream desperation in their tired jokes about how their wives are prudes.

So like Adam over Big Dick Chronicles, I feel with our (collective Red Pill) knowledge comes great responsibility to spread the message, not just here in the interwebs but in real life. Telling men in real life to stop being a chickenshit around their wife takes a delicate hand. Telling divorced men in real life that women don’t care what they’re job is or if they’re unemployed, as long as they are funny and outgoing and a little edgy can be hard to believe. Telling men in real life that it’s not that hard to have the sex life they want, if they just make some basic changes in themselves and their behavior, is something most don’t want to hear. Most suffer from the delusion that simply working hard, bringing home some money, being a good dad, and being a good man is enough that their wives should be getting on their knees and gobbling knob every morning, or throwing their pussy at them without any further effort on his part.

So when you do try and take off the wool from their eyes and gently say, “Hey, if you step up and be more of a leader (and yes, you may have to wrestle for control a little as your wife has gotten used to wearing the pants), things will start to fall into place,” they fight you every step of the way. “Nah, that may work from you, but your wife is different.” Meanwhile, I was exactly like them. Me several years ago said those same things:

Whatever you want to do… I don’t care. No, I don’t have any plans [because I don’t have any hobbies outside of you and the kids]. Yes, I’d love to go to that kids birthday party [hating myself on the inside for not just saying “let’s just drop them off and do something else” or “No, I’ve got something else to do with my time,” both of which I regularly say now].

So I try to explain to them some basic Red Pill ideas. Women are wired to be submissive to a strong leader. Women will test your leadership strength in various ways unconsciously to see if you are fit to lead them. Despite what they say about loving you how you are, lovehandles and all, if you aren’t getting the sex you want, physical appearance is playing a part, and tickling her sexybone (between her ears as well as between her legs) is playing a part too. Confidence too is understated in these folks as they embrace being such a “nice guy” and are too humble for their own good.

So you tell this stuff to your friends or acquaintances, and these men fight against you. They are happy with the status quo, or at least happy enough to not put in a big effort to change. It is so much easier relaxing after work with a beer in hand instead of spending a little time lifting and eating well. They’d rather be taking care of the kids extensively along with other chores, while their wife plays candy crush or naps (a real situation from one bro’s life, so I’ve been told, and both spouses work similar hours). Or despite knowing better through my teachings, will eat crappy cereal for breakfast, or eat low-fat this and whole wheat that, while admitting they were so hungry later they had to stop and get a candybar or taco bell or something like that. It seems like a losing battle on my part.

I’ve even literally passed on Athol’s Married Man Sex Life book on to them, knowing that this message coming from a third party may make it more likely to stick. But like an alcoholic who doesn’t want to change, they constantly make excuses about why they can’t accomplish their goals or why they can’t push back on their wives and be the leader I know they can. And there’s always a wet paper bag of a reason why they can’t join me in cool endeavors I’m going to like a boxing class to get out of the house, or join me in my garage once or twice a week (any time) and blast some Rage Against the Machine or Henry Rollins while I teach them about The Iron. Instead, they don’t want to make their spoiled wives carry their share of the family burden (scared of making her maaad), or don’t want to step up and change the family dynamic for the better, or improve themselves and initiate sex in a masculine way. They would rather make excuses instead of getting better. They keep the pussy on a pedestal, while ironically not getting any…pussy that is.

And it doesn’t stop there with my attempted Red Pill teachings. I work with men who have kids establishing college majors or about to start looking at colleges. I try and pass on the need to make sure their offspring think long term about job prospects from their degree instead of “following their dream.” But I know these suckers will pay for their daughter to get a music degree or some other shit, because A) they don’t have the balls to upset their wife and kid who “has their heart set on this”, by shattering the dream and presenting the lie that is: you can study whatever you want and are owed a living. And B) maybe honestly don’t know any better that some degrees are Worthless. Meanwhile, I just know this sucker will be scratching his head in a few years saying “Yeah, between us (mother and father college contribution) and loans she had to take out, we spent $90,000 on that music degree, and I can’t believe she couldn’t find that job of her dreams and has to move back in with us. I’m sure it’s only a short-lived temporary situation.”

People like being plugged into the Matrix and thinking it’s someone else’s fault while their life isn’t what they want it to be, or they’re in debt up to their eyeballs, or they aren’t getting the sex they feel entitled to. Until they reach that stage most of us here did, and start searching for answers, they are not going to listen to those of us trying to help. It doesn’t mean you or I won’t stop trying to impart seeds of wisdom to these fellows. I am hoping a new outside perspective from someone who was once in their shoes will spark something that will change their, and their family’s life, for the better. I am dedicated to try to keep feeding these concepts to married men and hope that somehow the message sinks in.


  1. Adam

    I wish it were easier to pass this information on, but it isn’t.

    I think the key is to look for guys that seem to otherwise have their shit together and are just looking for someone to tell them that it is okay to be a man.

    I will keep working hard to spread the word, but as you mention, some guys don’t want to get it right. They’ve opted for the easy way out, even if it leaves them unfulfilled.

    Keep fighting the good fight.

  2. Cadders

    This is so true. I think some of the frustration is rooted in the fact that for red pill guys the effect is so transformative, so profound, and touches every aspect of our lives to such a degree that we can become a bit evangelical about it – we feel driven to ‘spread the message’.

    But, IME, the sad truth is that there are simply large numbers of men who don’t want to be saved – or at least not enough to take action.

    Learn to identify these guys – and don’t waste your efforts on them. Help the guys who CAN be saved; the ones actively searching for solutions to their problems – there is nothing quite like seeing a man become the man he was born to be after you have helped him along the red pill path.

    The red pill must be sought – it cannot be prescribed. That is both it’s weakness and it’s strength. We all discovered the red pill because we sensed there was something *wrong* with the life path were were told to follow. We sought answers.

    The men who aren’t even looking can’t be forced to take the pill. Wait until they start looking. And if they never start looking, well, one of the tenets of the red pill is that men are not of equal value. If some men never seek the red pill or, having found it, reject it – then this is just another way of sorting the worthy from the unworthy. Being continually tested by life is simply something that comes from being born with a penis – and exposure to the red pill is just another test. The red pill confers many advantages to those who take it but we have to accept that not all men will be willing or able to take this path. Women, as a group, can be prescribed a set of behaviors to follow (eg feminism) but there will always be more variability in men’s response to anything – adoption of the red pill is no different.

    So, don’t get frustrated by the guys who aren’t receptive to the red pill – concentrate on those that are.

  3. C_M

    I agree with Cadders, you have to be seeking the red-pill in order to accept it and become unplugged.

    It was definitely my case. It took my 2nd wife cheating (1st cheated and abandoned me with the kids didn’t teach me, go figure) to hit me with the proverbial 2×4 and have my moment of clarity. Found MMSL and MAP’d hard. Now, I’m divorced, insanely happy, centered, eating well (modified Paleo), healthy (100 lbs lighter and running marathons @ 53 yo) and with an amazing red-pilled woman. Life is good.

    Like y’all, I’m carrying it forward whenever the opportunity arises.

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