Jan 02

Finally! Flip the calendar!

new years cow bell

I’m not going to do a resolutions post, or how to keep them or anything like that, but I will say that there is something very deep and psychological about flipping the calendar and starting a new year.  It seems like January 1st really can be a blank slate, as many are dealing with hangovers and leftovers from one final night out and full of fun.

It took nearly my entire break (part of it working and still not leaving work at the office) to finally relax, and that came during the last day or two.  With some cranial sacral and deep tissue massage, I was able to finally calm my mind and realign my thoughts in a more peaceful way.  The stress almost literally left my body and I felt better than I had in awhile.  Now it’s back to work to start fresh and try and keep that positive energy.

New Year’s day was spent mostly puttering around the house doing odds and ends, and in somewhat of a fog.  I am dealing with the start of a sinus infection, school starts again Thursday and we all feel a little tired and cold these days.  Motivation is still not super high, but both my wife and I have committed to eat better (we eat pretty well, but just tighten things up a little more and make more food at dinner to bring to work for lunch… that type of thing), are taking a dry January after too much drinking over the holidays, and will continue to mostly wake up early and do some weight lifting and exercising in the garage gym.  One other thing I plan to do is some activities besides working out to promote a mental positive energy and mindset.  Some yoga (we have a DVD that’s decent) is something I can get behind. The winter months are hard around here, even when things are good, it’s still dark and cold.

Hope the start to your year is a positive one, and use that calendar flip to motivate yourself to make some positive changes – not resolutions since those usually flame out – but some real honest-to-goodness small, permanent positive changes.  Delightful Oak had a nice (christian) post simply about simplifying your life and surrendering to a spiritual force as a way to maintain sanity and order and peace.  I liked it and is great advice. May you find peace and calm within your own life and with whatever god you may talk to.


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  1. Sis

    Thank you for the links! Happy new year to you!

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