Dad’s and Facial Hair

The first 37 years of my life I never grew any facial hair, with the exception of some realy hippster-douche-esque soul patches in my college years/early 20’s.


In the last year though things changed. I let all facial hair grow for about 10 days on summer vacation, grew a mustache for Movember (and got all the men in my office to join me, thereby raising nearly $1,000 for the charity), and am currently working on growing out the mustache-goatee combo once again.

I’m a big fan of the bushy man-beard – it screams awesomeness – but unfortunately I don’t have any genetic disposition for growing anything but a few stray hairs on my cheeks. It’s sad really. And my goat-beard on the chin is not the best either. At least I can grow a decent mustache  (yes, that’s me, I look like a 16 year old still, look out ladies!):

AMD Mustache 1

I did a post back in 2012 about the Alpha-Dad Whisker Rub that is pretty short and to the point. Rubbing your scruff on your kids’ faces is a manly way to show you love them and works with the wife too. Oh, she may say she doesn’t like it, but she secretly does.

Having facial hair, or changing it up, is something most men don’t do. My dad had a beard, mustache, and was clean shaven at various times. Most men I work have the same look year after year after year, mostly clean shaven. Though a few older men embrace the ‘stache they’ve worn for decades. Growing whatever facial hair you can actually grow well makes you feel different somehow, like more of a man. I’ve started with the whisker rubs again (to my kids both chagrin and delight).

My goal is to grow both mustache and goat again until they’re nice and full, and then rock the ‘stache again.  See, I still haven’t done my police ridealong from my Citizen’s Police Academy class I did last year, and I figure rocking the Cop ‘stache is practically an unwritten rule for such an endeavor.

So you fall into two camps on the whole shaving thing – electric or non-electric razor. I have had an electric razor but have been getting less and less happy about it over the years. Despite replacing cutting blades, it misses stray hairs and I end up having to catch them with a razor anyway. Plus the cut isn’t as close as I’d like. Again, I don’t have a thick beard, so it takes me about 15 seconds to do this, but would rather have a nice close shave at this point since old-man random hairs are starting to pop up on my face (I have one, that left to it’s own devices, will grow about an inch beneath my eye – very weird).

Now I’ve asked my wife for a straight razor for Father’s Day for the last several years, but after seeing me chop vegetables, is concerned for my jugular, so no dice. The Art of Manliness does a nice post on straight razor shaving for those interested.  That’s a man’s way to shave, but takes some time.


In the absence of a manly straight razor, I am heading back down the road to the standard razor. There’s a lot of options out there but the refill blades are really expensive. Plus in general I hate shopping (Hate. Total psychological drain to walk into a store for me to buy anything) which is why I’ve stuck with a crappy electric for so long. One option is something like The Dollar Shave Club for $3 a month (delivered) they’ll send me a basic razor and refills so I don’t have to worry about it. Set it and forget it. I remember watching my dad shave with cream and the trusty rusty standard Bic razor and thinking how cool it was. And to this day the smell of aftershave brings back fond memories.

As I’m thinking about this topic near Father’s Day, I really think getting back to the traditional men’s standards of cream and shaving will live longer in my children’s memories (as will rocking a ‘stache or goatee from time to time) than simply going clean shaven with an electric razor the rest of my life.

Happy Father’s Day to all my bros out there.

2 responses to “Dad’s and Facial Hair

  1. I have a full beard but still have to shave my neck front and back. I do that in the shower with a Gillette Mach 3 and Ivory soap as a lubricant. Not sure how common that is. Got my 15 yo son started on the same rig this year – a cool experience.

    Started the beard on first day of medical school to save 5 minutes a day. I cut beard off for a few months as a surprise and freaked out my wife, kids, and dogs. I almost got attacked as in intruder. My wife on a date with me thought she was “cheating.”

    No desire to try a straight razor if it slows me down.

    Real men use bar soap, not “body wash.”


  2. My husband stopped shaving on our honeymoon and I LOVED the close-cropped beard he had at the end of two weeks. As a woman, wife and mum, let me second your assertion that most ladies love the feel of scruff on their cheek during a hug or kiss. Our baby likes it too, it makes him giggle when Daddy “scratchies” him. When he was even smaller, he loved to touch Daddy’s facial hair with his tiny fingers. Hubby keeps a close cropped beard now almost year-round – shaving it only during the hottest days of summer, and for important corporate events, like job interviews.

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