Co-Ed Baby Shower – Just Say No!

Having a baby is cool if planned and you’re ready for the little cock-blocker.  Having a Co-Ed baby shower is not cool.  If you’re a man, do not attend!  Do whatever you have to do.  Fake an injury, fake illness, fake a migraine, say you have to work.  Misery this painful has rarely been felt.

Coed-baby-showerOh, the women will try to make it “man friendly” by advertising things men like.  Perhaps beer, or bar-b-que or “the game” will be allowed, but it’s all a bit of smoke and mirrors or bait-n-switch.  Don’t fall for it.  What happens (best case scenario) is it’s usually a bunch of guys you don’t know that well, or at all, sitting around for three hours awkwardly waiting for it to end, maybe with a beer in your hand.  Worst case is the women want the men involved in the “fun!”

coed baby shower dudesOh Joy! Doesn’t that look Hilarious!!

If your wife or girlfriend has to host one, you may have to help get the spread of food ready or whatever.  That’s fine, but consider that the sacrifice for the cause, and then get the hell out of dodge.  Say you’re going to check the mail and don’t come back for about four hours.  It’s worth the fight later to not have to attend.

diaper-derbyIf dressing up in a diaper sounds like fun, then by all means jump on the bandwagon. I’m sure you’ll be considered a swell guy for being such a good sport.  I’m sure your spouse thinks it’s really hot.  But hey, Free Beer!  Good luck with that champ.  Instead, I recommend, just say no!

coed baby shower gameI had to think back to remember if I had actually been to one of these.  The answer was yes, once back in my blue-pill days probably five or seven years ago.  I remember lame games, not nearly enough alcohol and all the men wanting to have a cult suicide.  You are expected to be on your best behavior, not drink too much, and laugh at all the right times such as poop-in-diaper jokes – basically the opposite of fun.

If it’s your own baby shower, your only obligation is to show up at the end of the party and thank everyone for attending and their generous gifts.

Leave the baby stuff to the women, and go crush some weights instead.  You’ll be much happier and have actually improved yourself, instead of having bad vibes and a grumpy disposition for the rest of the day.


3 responses to “Co-Ed Baby Shower – Just Say No!

  1. One time I went to one. The women got pissed because I won all the games. Never again


    A Co-Ed shower? Please turn in your penis and testicles at the door. They’ll be in your wife’s purse, but your self-respect will be in the toilet.

    This makes me happy that my wife is the type that will dutifully tell me that I am invited to a function, but that I really won’t like it, and leaves it up to me.

  3. My wife’ sister tried to do one for us when our first was born.

    Instead I said, how about me and the boys just go out and drink while you guys have the shower?

    My wife wasn’t pleased, but I had the support of pretty much every male around me.

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